Shattered World - Kate L. Mary


3-1/2 out of 5 stars. I am finally getting why people have a problem with Vivian. The world is ending, she could die any minute, but it's not a good time to tell the guy you love him! And Pot!! Calling her mom trash and then Axle asking if that meant he was trash too which she doesn't answer, when her last job was a stripper. Doesn't she see the dichotomy of that statement?

I'm not a fan of the cliffhanger ending. It doesn't make me stop reading a series but it is irritating. So, of course, to add to my irritation there is a cliffhanger. I have the next book in the series on my MP3 so I'll be listening to it in the near future. Otherwise, I probably would have taken a longer break finishing this series.