The Inexplicables - Cherie Priest
This book in the series reads more as a young adult genre book as the main characters except for one Indian Princess are young adult ages. Rector has finally been kicked out of the orphanage he grew up in but was using as a place to lay his head while he dealt and used the drug "sap". Sap will actually turn an excessive user into a zombie but it seems that like is so bleak that the drug users are beyond caring. He goes to the only place he can think of, the enclosed Seattle where the zombie crisis started and where he had send a "friend" (as much as you can call anyone that Rector knows as a friend). Once he gets there, they wean him off the sap and he is given a job by the main dealer that it's better not to say no to. He joins up with Zeke, Huey and Indian Princess to not only find out how zombies are escaping but what is killing the zombies. The what is killing the zombies I actually think could have been left out because it totally detracted from the main story (to me), other gangs trying to take over Seattle. I gave this book 3-1/2 stars because even with that major complaint storywise, it still was a good book.