Numbers - Laurann Dohner
Two stories. I gave 3 stars to each story so the combined rating remains 3 stars.

140 - Don't get me wrong, I love this author's New Species books much more than Lora Leigh's Breed series which are so filled with angst that it has become literally a chore to get through, but this romance came out of nowhere. It started with her holding Mourn's (stupid name by the way) hand and then he wanted a relationship. This was not because of some overwhelming love, which did come very quickly, but it seemed that it was "just because". Made no sense to me. Now her, being confronted by a very attractive, intense man, how can you not fall in love. So, maybe that's my answer, he was confronted with a very attractive, intense woman and couldn't help falling in love. 3 out of 5 stars.

927 - Candi watched her dad kill her mom and then he threw her into the lab where he worked where she met 927 (later renamed Hero). After thinking each other dead they find out that is not the case but Hero has a lot of anger to work through. Okay, so first of all how did her scent change after so many years? Hero said it changed the last time they were at the lab but years and years later she still smells like the feline? I don't get it. Then I know I talk a lot about how I like that this author's books aren't chock full of angst like Lora Leigh's books, but this could have played up a little more the anger Hero felt when he saw Candi again. That was looking like it was going to be a really emotional scene but to me it was all about the running - him running off, her running to chase him, people running to catch her. I got tired reading it. So another book/story that wasn't my favorite. 3 out of 5 stars.