The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins


I think my mistake was listening to the book. The narrators did a fantastic job but when it got to the scene where one of the characters is talking to her lover and she says no one leaves her, it wasn't who I thought it was because of the voice. So I figured it out about halfway through. Therefore this big surprise wasn't a surprise to me. Sometimes narrators aren't good for the book they're narrating, but this was not the case. It just gave away a big clue that I don't think I would have noticed if I was reading the book.

The book itself, I was soooo sick of the drinking and the complaining and not letting go. Especially nowadays you just have to look at the national/semi-international average and you know most marriages don't last. Yes, you will be devastated and sad but you will one of many who have been through this. I lost my sympathy for the main character pretty quickly. Maybe I'm just hardhearted.