The Melier (Women of Dor Nye Book 1) - Poppy Rhys


I loved the beginning of this book where Lucia escapes these baddies and saves Soren, who had been a slave. Their relationship was so sweet and kind with an attraction they didn't know what to do with. And then their first sex scene turned into a big hot mess and I could not think about anything being sexy about that. And the messes kept cumming (rim shot please). Then this book that started out about a sweet romance turned into an "erotic" book with the cherry on top of this messy pie being she ended up smelling like really stinky fish which evidently is a turn on where the blue men are from. And I mean a literal turn on with the gushing gallons of cum that people need to step over (Grandma).

So what did I do when I finished this book? I bought book two. I'm a glutton for cum, I guess.