Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great - Christie Brinkley

I was a little surprised at how much I liked this book. I had no idea why I requested this book from the library. I'm younger than Christie Brinkley but not by much and I look nowhere as good. First off, I'm too lazy. Secondly, I'm not rich. But this book has a lot of down-to-earth hints on how to achieve some of her beauty tips and not everything is over $50.00. The other thing I liked about this book is she gave the experts who do her make-up, hair, etc a forum to talk about what works and didn't present others' ideas as her own. That was really refreshing. A super quick read for me because I definitely do not plan on eating like she does (and that was a big section of this book) but beyond that I felt it was informative.