Coastliners - Joanne Harris

Rant Warning!

Ok, so here's my thing. If you are going to have a book written in English and read in English, do not make your French pronunciation/accent so strong that I cannot understand what you are saying! The same goes for Russian, Spanish, whatever. If this book is narrated in a foreign (to me) language, then okay, but not if it is narrated into another language, such as English. You have to gear your accent to that language so that a non-bilingual person will have an idea of what you are saying. I call it when someone speaks in an American accent and then throws in a word in another language with a heavy accent as "getting fancy". This book was way, way, way too fancy for me. I don't know if that is Vivienne Benesch's fault or if her director is to blame, but it was irritating and I couldn't get beyond the first cassette.