Fated - Benedict Jacka

I could not finish this book and these are the reasons.

Page 4 - Talen comes to rescue Cara and her daughter after her daughter wakes her up because bad people are coming (her daughter can foresee the future which Cara already knows). Janie urged, "It's okay, Mama. We have to go. They're coming.

Page 8 - Talen says, "Janie, you'll be safe soon." Janie says, "I know, Mama. I kne Talen was coming." Cara says, "You did?" ". . .But I didn't know when."

Page 10 - "They're still coming," Janie whispered. "Go, Mama. Hurry."

Page 11 - Janie says, "So, are you going to protect us?" Talen says, Yes. I'm here to protect you." Janie smiled.

Page 12 - Janie says, "So you comed for us. Finally." Talen says, "I'm here for you, Janie." Talen tells Cara he's from the Director of the US Marshal's service. You're in danger."

Page 13 - Cara thinks she'll call her boss, the daycare teacher, her sister to help. (Um, instead of a guy with the US Marshall?)

Page 14 - She had no choice but to trust him.

Page 16 - The Director of the US Marshall's office tells her she's in danger. People are out to get her. She goes pale.

Page 17 - Then she thinks she'll play along and grab her daughter (because she is so much more trained that the US Marshall's office.) Then she thinks trust hurt and she gave him some info.

Page 18 - Janie again says,"He's okay. I know it."

Page 21 - Talen says, "I won't let anyone ham either of you. Ever."

Page 24 - Cara says, "I can keep my daughter safe."

Page 25 - Cara thinks she'd do anything to keep her daughter safe.

Page 28 - Cara is forming an escape plan.

I skimmed ahead hoping that Cara starts getting smart but no about half-way through she's still being an idiot. So I just cannot read this book. No rating because I didn't read it.