Kicking It - Shannon K. Butcher, Rob Thurman, Chris Marie Green, Lucienne Diver, Christina Henry, Rachel Caine, Kalayna Price, Chloe Neill, Faith Hunter

Anthology all centered on boots of one kind or another It was I feel a lower than average anthology in that I skipped a lot of stories. I should count those toward the rating but since I didn't give those stories a chance to play out, I didn't include them in this rating. From the stories I read the average is 3 stars

1. Forked Tongues by Rachel Caine. I usually like this author, but could not get into this story. Could not finish, no rating.

2. Stolen Goods by Shannon K. Butcher. Another story I just could not get into. Could not finish, no rating.

3. The Girl with No Name by Chris Marie Green. This story must have had a beginning and ending somewhere else because it very incomplete. (view spoiler) **1/2

4. The Devil's Left Boot by Faith Hunter. Twin witch sisters help a (former?) enemy find her mother. It was okay. ***

5. High Stakes by Chloe Neill. Luc and Lindsey story. The problem is I read/listened to more of this series and I know what happens to them later. Kind of ruined this story for me. ***

6. The Parlor by Lucienne Diver. Passed this one up too. No rating.

7. Red Isn't Really my Color by Christina Henry. Passed this one up too. No rating.

8. Snakeskin by Rob Thurman. Passed this one up too. No rating.

9. Ruby Red by Kalayna Price. I guess this is a prequel to Grave Witch. Good story. ***1/2