Mirror Image - K.G. Stutts

Anthology part of Nebula Nights: Love Among The Stars

A beta reader was really needed on this book. One example is a gagged John tells Maddie, "That wasn't his knee" and THEN she goes over and takes his gag off. Maddie has her arm surgically removed by bad guys and makes quips during the procedure. With a girl who didn't know aliens existed, she's rather blase about the whole thing so this was not believable. The romance was eh. I didn't see it coming. And this team, 5 people, goes to another planet, hides from the planets spaceships with plants pulled over the ship, hides in a barn and then not only kills the bad guy but saves their old commander, who says off-the-cuff wow time flies when you're tortured for two years. The arm surgery and then this, no one gets over things so easily. I could go on and on but this book to me just was not good.