Ellora's Cavemen: Tales from the Temple IV - Jaid Black, Tawny Taylor, Annie Windsor, Shiloh Walker, Denise A. Agnew, Mlyn Hurn
Anthology - 3.8 stars average up to 4

1. Night Scream by Denise A. Agnew. An assistant at a secret agent office meets an agent who is to help them out. While he's trying to keep her out of harm's way, they're finding they are attracted to each other. This story was enjoyable. ***1/2

2. Body Chemistry by Tawny Taylor. So good!!! Loved, loved, loved this story. Geeky chemist and a co-worker. Who knew the guy was so hot? Great story. I'm planning on reading more by this author. ***** 5 stars

3. Earthwork by Annie Windsor. I couldn't get into this story and stopped reading it. No rating.

4. Ghost of a Chance by Shiloh Walker. Pretty good story, a ghost and his fiance' get a second chance for justice and love. ***

5. Past Running by Mlyn Hurn. Aeryn meets Sheriff Devlin when he comes to talk to her about an old boyfriend. They find out through adversity that they care for each other. Or at least he does. ***1/2

6. The Beckoned by Jaid Black. Wai has dreamed of a man since she was a baby with the dream relationship moving on to things more intimate. Someone they end up meeting and have to figure out a way to be together. She describes him as ultra alpha in the beginning but when he finally makes an appearance, he's alpha-ish. Still, the story was good. ****