Shifter Seduction Boxed Set - Eve Langlais, Mandy Harbin, Tressie Lockwood, S.K. Yule, Crymsyn Hart, LeTeisha Newton

Anthology 3.9 stars - I didn't think it would be that many for some reason. 3 of the stories are definitely worth the price.

1. Defying Pack Law by Eve Langlais. I really enjoyed this. Dana was in love with Nathan and although pack law said each female had to have 3 mates she didn't because she couldn't change into a wolf. So Nathan, the alpha's son, asks her to marry him and be his sole wife. They have sex which triggers her wolf to finally emerge. After Nathan's dad literally beats him into seeing his way, he tells Dana they have to have two others join them. Her mother was in a horrible relationship with her dad and the other mates so she doesn't want him to do it and to run off with her. He says no, so she's off for 12 years. Now's he's found her with some of his best friends and Dana has to figure out what's best for her. I loved John, he was my absolute favorite although Nathan's always saying the wrong thing and screwing things up with Dana made me feel a little sorry for him. And Kody at first seemed to be just glad to have a mate he was attracted to but later you could see she meant more than that. Great story. I'm planning on reading the next book as soon as it goes on sale. ***** Previously read

2. Surrounded by Pleasure by Mandy HarbinThis was part of an anthology so I didn't choose which book to start with although for some reason book #2 was part of this. I liked it but I am really, really intrigued by book #3 with that huge scene. If you read the book, you know what I mean :) I'm definitely going to be reading book #3 ASAP. ****

3. Juneau Heat by Tressie Lockwood. Could not finish. I thought Shiya was a bit of an idiot. She thought she could just wrap all these "bad" guys around her finger and do the killing. When a friend of one of the guys said he was glad he could bring the other friend "a beast" down from the mountain and she perked up, ugh! I was embarrassed for her and couldn't read anymore. No rating because I didn't finish it.

4. Lycan Lover by S. K. Yule. Here's pretty much the basics of this story. I love you, I love you too, hot sex. I've never felt love like this before, me either, hot sex. Repeat. **

5. Three Fur All by Crymsyn Hart. First off, what's up with the vampire nom de plume? Secondly, it seems like for no rhyme or reason they think this woman is the one, maybe. Even while they plan on leaving her and then claiming and then leaving. Ugh! **

6. Theirs to Claim by LeTeisha Newton. Good story. Vampyres are pretty horrible in this book. Enjoyed it. ***1/2