Imperative: Always You - Belinda McBride

Wow, this one was so good!  The Imperative teams you up with who you're supposed to be with no matter what you thought you were.  Neil is gay and in a relationship.  Mari has just split up from her husband who said she's not attractive and bad in bed.  When they feel the Imperative they're surprised to find out they are meant to be together because they actually work together and hate each other.  When Neil finds out it's not a man and they end up in bed he freaks out and says "I can't do this."  Mari picks up her clothes and leaves.  I bawled for her - the humiliation of someone fighting his attraction because maybe he too might find her unattractive.  Ugh!  Everything ends up better but boy those scenes were written so well.  A book that gives me an emotional response is always good to me.  Fantastic book!